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Human – The most versatile race, found everywhere in Sovereign

Elf – Lithe and regal, Elves are one of our most popular races

Half-Elf – The best of both worlds

Orc – Brutal and savage, this race makes powerful frontline fighters

Half-Orc – The middle ground between Orc and Human

Dwarf – Master smiths and miners, Dwarves make for sturdy combatants

Halfling – The fun-loving characters are perfect for roles requiring subtlety

Gnome – Machinists known for enjoying their catastrophic failures. Available with (Beaker and Black Powder)

Goblin – Superstitious madmen with a knack for fire and finding things. Unlockable by killing (Humbar, the Very Large Goblin)

Hobgoblin – Disciplined tacticians raised on martial prowess.

Strix – Winged humanoids dwelling in the peaks of their homeland.

Drow – Dark Elves native to the underground caverns below the central continent.

Catfolk – Dwelling in the jungles of the central continent, the Catfolk are master hunters.

Vishkanya – Assassins without parallel, the very bodies of these nobles are poison to their enemies. Available with (Dragon Empires).

Samsaran – Those trapped in a cycle of reincarnation, the Smasaran use memories of past lives to improve their current skills. Available with (Dragon Empires)

Tengu – Crowfolk, wandering swordsman and scribes. Available with (Dragon Empires)

Vanara – Tricksters to the core, the Monkey King’s subjects are known for their playful cunning. Available with (Dragon Empires)

Ghoran – Alchemically created plant beings that can rebuild their skillsets with each rebirth. Available with (Beakers and Black Powder)

Ratfolk – Masters of the seedy underbellies of cities, they survive on the scraps left behind by others. Available with (Beakers and Black Powder)

Wyrwood – Artificially created people made of metal and wood. Available with (Beaker and Black Powder)

Trox – Large, powerful beings brought as slaves, most have only recently broken their chains.

Changeling – Born of a mortal father and a Hag mother, these creatures carry a sadistic streak and a mastery of Hexes. Available with (Rule of Fear).

Dhampir – The cursed offspring of Vampire and Mortal, the Dhampir seek to build their legacy away from the sins of their undead parents. Available with (Rule of Fear)

Skinwalker – The descendents of Lycanthropes, these creatures wield animal nature as a fighter wields a sword. Available with (Rule of Fear).

Kobold – The descendents of dragons, these small creatures worship their ancient anscestors for their power. Available with (Primal Wilds)

Nagaji – Serpent folk that come from a line of Naga. Available with (Primal Wilds)

Wyvaran – Born of the crossing of Kobolds and Wyverns (try not to think about it), these carry the traits of each and act as the main combatants for Kobold settlements. Available with (Primal Wilds)

Lizardfolk – Reptilian beings that revere nature and tend to the land. Available with (Primal Wilds)

Seedling – Living plants born from the energies of the Eastern Swamp. Available with (Primal WIlds)

Sebek-Ka – Crocodile beings that have made their home in the swamplands following the fall of their empire. Available with (Primal Wilds)

Aasimar – Descendents of celestial beings. Available with (Planar Power)

Tiefling – Descendents of fiends. Available with (Planar Power)

Ifrit – Descendents of creatures of elemental fire. Available with (Planar Power)

Undine – Descendents of creatures of elemental water. Available with (Planar Power)

Sylph – Descendents of creatures of elemental air. Available with (Planar Power)

Oread – Descendents of creatures of elemental earth. Available with (Planar Power)

Suli – Descendents of the Jann. Available with (Planar Power)

Fethling – Descendents of denizens of the plane of Shadow. Available with (Planar Power)

Reaper – Descendents of the mysterious Psychopomps. Available with (Planar Power)

Elan – Psionically superior beings born from a ritual of reincarnation from another race. Available with (Crystal Mind)

Ophidian – Psionically-attuned serpent folk. Available with (Crystal Mind)

Maenad – Beings of restrained passion who can unleash their emotions in a burst of pure energy. Available with (Crystal Mind)

Dromite – Insectlike beings that serve a greater whole. Available with (Crystal Mind)

Xeph – Psychically-attuned artists with a penchant for humor. Available with (Crystal Mind)

Blue – Psionic Goblins with a tint to their skin. Available with (Crystal Mind) once Goblins are unlocked.

Echinn – Humanoid sea urchins. Available with (Cerulean Seas). Unlocked by finishing the (Horror in the Deep) Adventure Path.

Karkanak – Crabfolk who dwell along the shores and coral reefs. Available with (Cerulean Seas)

Piscean – Humanoid fishmen dwelling at the bottom of the sea. Available with (Cerulean Seas)

Naiad – Aquatic descendents of the Elves. Available with (Cerulean Seas).

Sahuagin – Oceanic killers worshipping the shark-god. Available with (Cerulean Seas). Unlocked by completeing the (On Blood-Stained Tides) Adventure Path.

Android – Artificial humans made in ages past. Available with (Iron Gods). Unlocked by reaching the Mainframe in the ruins of Numeria.

Squawk – Penguinfolk. ’Nuff said. Available with (Frozen North)

Thanor – Walrusmen that travel the waterways of the Frostfell. Available with (Frozen North).

Oculus Viden – Eye creatures from another world. Available with (From the Stars)

Kasatha – Four-armed nomads traped on this world. Available with (From the Stars)

Main Page

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